Creative Ashland Public Library Colorers

May 4, 2016

Creative Ashland Public Library Colorers

During National Library Week, our wonderful Adult Programming Coordinator, Shelley C., organized an interactive coloring experience for all of our members, as an extension of our popular program "Calming Colors," a coloring club aimed at adults. A large mandala, which can be described as an integrated structure organized around a unifying center - generally in a geometric design, was placed on a table in the center of the library, with markers supplied for all of our members to contribute to the coloring of the design while visiting the library. The results were stunning! Many folks participated and enjoyed adding their personal touches to the overall design.

The mandala is symbolic of the library itself - a structure (the library) organized around a unifying center (the community.) The library would not exist without the community and its support. Our mission is to connect people with ideas, information, and inspiration. 

Because the mandala was so popular, our Youth Services Coordinator, Hayley B., drew by hand an informal mandala design the week after the original mandala had been finished. This was equally successful, as you can see from the picture below. 


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